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As a non-profit association with ideational goals, the Aryatara Institute needs donations. In order to enable as many people as possible interested in Tibetan Buddhism to take part in the events, the fees for lectures, courses and seminars are low, but therefore only cover part of the costs. Some of our events have little or no income, but they are still valuable. For this reason we need the additional financial help of our visitors and friends.

Please contribute your donation to the Aryatara Institute's ability to continue its work for a long time to come. Donations as well as fees and membership dues are used for e. g. the centers maintenance (rent, heating, electricity), the resident teachers livelihood, promotion-material, visiting teachers expenses for traveling, accommodation etc..

Donations are tax-deductible. Every year in February/March we send out the certificates for the tax office.

Thank you very much! 
Your Aryatara team